GMAT Training

What does Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT ) stands for?

Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer based entrance test required by the business schools all over the world, primarily of USA, as a prerequisite for entry into post-graduate management programs. The test result is used as measure to predict academic success of an individual for business program he wishes to study.

How can I interpret the scores of GMAT?
  • The AWA (Essay) section is scored on the scale of 0-6, in multiples of 0.5
  • Integrated Reasoning section is scored on the scale of 1-8, in multiples of 1
  • Quantitative section is scored on the scale of 0-60, in multiples of 1
  • Verbal section is scored on the scale of 0-60, in multiples of 1
  • The scaled scores of Quantitative and Verbal sections are combined to create the score on the scale of 200-800
Time: 30 Min
Questions: 1 Topic
Question Types: Analysis of Argument

Analytical writing Assessment (Analysis of an Argument)

AWA requires the candidate to analyse the reasoning behind athn argument and evaluate the text. The aim is to measure your critical-thinking ability and to communicate your views in a coherent and systematic manner.

Time: 30 Min
Questions: 1 2 Questions
Question Types: Multi-source Reasoning,Graphics Interpretation, Two-part analysis, Table analysis

Integrated Reasoning tests your real-world skills required to succeed in an increasingly technologically-advanced world. The candidate’s ability to interpret information presented in different formats from multiple sources is tested in this section

Time: 75 Min
Questions: 37 Questions
Question Types: Date Sufficiency, Problem Solving

The Quantitative section’s purpose is to evaluate the candidate’s basic knowledge about math concepts. Candidates are expected to analyse the given statements and draw sufficient conclusions as well as answer standardized mathematical problems. Enjoy with 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung 2020

Time: 75 Min
Questions: 41 Questions
Question Types: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction

The Verbal section examines the candidate’s command of the basic English language. The test is designed to assess the standard written English comprehension skills, critical evaluation of arguments, and finding alternative to complex written content.

Why should one choose GMAT coaching at Erudite?
  • Experienced and qualified faculty
  • Intensive and comprehensive coaching
  • Small batches enable individual attention to each student
  • Well-stocked library for reference and hove studies (soft copy/hard copy)
  • Attend a demo class before enrolling
  • Individual review sessions to monitor progress
  • Improve test scores through tutoring, practice and result-oriented techniques
  • One-to-one interactive training and doubt-solving sessions
  • Grammar Sessions included for students who need it
    • Comprehensive and up-to-date study material provided
    • Computer lab access
    • Full length mock tests
    • Skype training available
    • After completion of classroom training, several full-length mock tests are administered at our centre. Faculties also conduct revision session as well as solve doubts of students.
    • For the Verbal section, trainers explain the types of questions that make up the test. Students are coached to tackle these questions through different approaches and strategies. It is followed with intensive practice with extra focus on discussions.
    • The essay section is dealt with step by step.First, we explain the essay topic regarding what is required. Then, guidelines are given on how to compose the essay. Essay topics are chosen from the official pool of topics. The ways to present the ideas are discussed, aling with writing the content in an organised manner and the appropriate language to be used.
    • In the Quantitative section, basic concepts are explained, followed by solving a few examples to understand the application of the concepts. Students are then asked to solve about 25 problems of increasing levels of difficulty. Our trainers are presented to assist in case the students have any doubts.