The United States has one of the world’s best university systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. It has been a global leader in the field of education, setting standards for the quality of faculty, research and the generic experience a student is opened up to when studying overseas. US Degrees are recognized with 50 states which all have independent constitutions, the US has one of the most diverse and multicultural populations of any countries in the world. It has many competitive private and public institutions of higher education.

According to prominent international rankings, over 40 Universities in the World Top 100 are in the United States. Moreover, 6 of the Top 10 Universities in the World are also in the United States. The best approach of the USA education system is that it allows one to learn and earn. This not only gives one, a thorough knowledge of the subjects, but also teaches one to have a practical & professional approach. It gives better growth prospects worldwide.

  • Major Intakes: September (Fall)
  • Minor Intakes: January (Spring)
  • Minor Intakes: May (Spring)