GRE Training

What is the GRE® ?

GRE is a standardized test which stands for Graduate Record Examination (GRE). This test measures Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Writing skills of aspirants who wish to pursue Graduate studies abroad. GRE scores are a requirement to apply for graduate courses in most US Universities.

The examination is online and every student gets a different set of questions. The maximum score is 340.

The US-based ETS, that is, the Educational Testing Service, sets the questions for GRE, conducts the test, and sends the score reports to each candidate. It works under the guidance of the Graduate Record Examination Board. For detailed information about GRE®, please refer to the official website of GRE®.

Time: 30 Min per Task
Questions: ‘Analysis of an Issue’ task and ‘Analysis of an argument’ task

It evaluates student’s critical thinking, ability to construct arguments, and analytical writing skills with special emphasis on language that is used to elaborate ideas clearly and effectively.

Time: 30 Min per Section
Questions: 20 questions per Section

It gauges student’s analytical ability to derive information from written material. The student is required to analyze the sentence construction and understand the context of each word in relation to the concept. The first is a comprehension exercise where the student has to read passages and answer questions related to those passages. The second part requires the student to interpret and fill the blanks.

Time: 35 Min per Section
Questions: 20 questions per Section

It evaluates student’s mathematical problem-solving ability base on basic concepts of algebra, geometry, arithmetic and data analytics.

Time: Varies
Questions: Varies
What are the different categories of GRE?

There are two categories of GRE:

  • The GRE General Test – It comprises of assessment in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. It entails the skills required in current graduate and business school programs. 
  • The GRE Subject Test – It is to assess the knowledge required in your chosen field of study. It helps students prove their ability compared to other applicants.
How is the scoring done in GRE?

Scores reported on the GRE® revised General Test

Verbal Reasoning 130–170, in 1 point increments
Quantitative Reasoning 130–170, in 1 point increments
Analytical Writing 0–6, in half point increments

If a student doesn’t answer questions for a specific section (e.g., Verbal Reasoning), then the student will receive a No Score (NS) for that section.

What does GRE coaching at Erudite offer?
  • Comprehensive coaching(with personalized attention as and when required) of 70 classroom hours
  • Qualified, experienced and trained teachers
  • 5 full-length mock tests with analytical writing assessment after classroom coaching
  • Library facilities (Soft  Copy & Hard Copy)
  • Regular feedbacks with tips to improve
  • Special vocabulary sessions with quick recap sessions in between.
    1. Highly Interactive Training with One-to-One Doubt Solving Sessions
    2. Grammar Sessions for those who need it
    3. Comprehensive and Up-to-date Study Material
    4. Computer Lab Access
    5. 6 Months Course Membership
    6. Skype Training Available